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Be Prepared This Hurricane Season

June 21, 2017


Living in Texas and by the coast we get to enjoy the great warm weather as well as the beautiful beaches in our area. However, summertime not only means beaches and picnics it also means hurricane season is in full swing. Hurricane season begins June 1st and runs through November 30th.

Although the City of Corpus Christi has not seen a hurricane since Celia, it is never too early to prepare in case another hurricane threatens our area.

The City of Corpus along with various organizations, such as ourselves, the Humane Society, the Corpus Christi Police Department, the Corpus Christi Fire Department, the Corpus Christi Independent School District and other partners work together to prepare the community for a possible hurricane evacuation.

This past Friday many of those organizations and partners did a mock evacuation at the Corpus Christi Natatorium that demonstrated what these organizations would do in the case of an evacuation.  

CCRTA’s Role

In the event of an incoming hurricane the City of Corpus Christi, CCRTA, and CCISD have devised a system that gets you safely out of the path of the storm. We’ve established a procedure whereby in emergency situations those with no reliable transportation can evacuate the City. Simply head to the nearest RTA Bus stop, and you will be taken, free of charge, to a hub for processing. By way of CCISD bus, you will be transported out of town and out of harm way.

We will also pick up those who have been registered through the city of Corpus’s STEAR Program. The STEAR program is a free registry system that provides local emergency planners and emergency responders with additional information on the needs in their community. Those who do not have a vehicle or due to disabilities might not be able to drive can register today at 2-1-1 and be put on our pick up list.

For further questions on hurricane evacuation or the City of Corpus Christi’s hurricane evacuation plan visit