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Truckin’ Thursday

December 5, 2016

It started off as a regular Thursday morning, but once the clock hit 11 the very first Truckin’ Thursday was in full swing. The fresh, organic aromas of Mise en Place and the scent of fresh tortillas from Hi Ho was what people walked up to at the Staple St. Station. There was no time wasted customers from the station were already lining up to place their orders at each food truck.

Customers from all over downtown were in attendance. The County Courthouse, City Hall, Workforce Solutions, and even Development Services stopped by for a taste at one of their favorite food trucks. “This is such a good idea,” said one customer. And it was! The crowd of people and the heaps amount of food was a beautiful sight. The only thing that could make it better would be if it was every Thursday and after the first Truckin’ Thursday it was decided that it would be every Thursday!

Not only will it be every Thursday, but we will be switching up the food trucks and adding a few amenities like tables and chairs. Truckin’ Thursday’s will now be the time to not only eat great food, but to eat great food in great company! We hope to see lots of hungry food truck lovers at the next Truckin’ Thursday on December 8th where will be featuring Gino’s Burgers & More and Hi Ho On The Go!


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