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Budget and Financial Information

Our Board dedicates a substantial amount of time and energy to adopt a yearly operating budget before the beginning of each fiscal year. The budget serves as a policy document, an operations guide, a financial plan and a communication device. The board also adopts an annual capital budget. The process for developing our budgets typically begins with Board strategic planning in June or July and, through a series of meetings and analysis, results in an operating budget and a prioritized capital budget prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. Your CCRTA may not spend more than the approved operating budget, and must approve increases to the budget. The CEO may permit movement of funds within the approved budget. If these reallocations are significant, Board approval is obtained. Here you will find a Budget Summary as well as links to budgets for the last five years and ways to contact Board Members and appropriate management for questions.

The Agency’s fiscal year is from January 1 to December 31st

CCRTA Does Not Receive Any Income From Property Taxes

RTA Employees Defined Benefit Plan and Trust Financial Reports

Budget Last 5 Years

FTE Positions

Management Pay



Managing Director of Operations


Director of Finance


Managing Director of Customer Services


Director of Planning


Director of Transportation


Director of Maintenance


Director of It


Director of Safety & Security


Director of Human Resources


Managing Director of Administration


Marketing Director


Introducing…The RTA

A group of amazing people like our Board of Directors deserves an introduction.

An eleven member Board of Directors governs the Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority (CCRTA), which was created in 1985 by the vote of the public to provide quality accessible and affordable transportation to the residents of Nueces and San Patricio Counties. The CCRTA Service Area covers 838 square miles. The CCRTA, also known as the ‘B,’ provides fixed route service, tourist, commuter, public event, and van/car pool services. Additionally, the CCRTA offers Paratransit Bus Service called B-Line, which provides shared-ride public transportation for people whose disabilities prevent them from using fixed route bus services.


Managing Director of Operations
Managing Director of Capital Programs
Managing Director of Administration
Director of Planning
Director of Finance
Director of Maintenance
Director of Marketing
Director of IT
Director of Procurement
General Manager of MV Transportation
Director of Safety and Security
Director of Human Resources
Director of Transportation
DBE/EEO Compliance Officer

Audits and Reviews

The Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority is critical to keeping this area moving—both in a literal sense and in support of affordability, accessibility, equity and protecting our environment. The Mission that we established so many years ago, hasn’t changed. We were created by the people to provide quality transportation and enhance the regional economy in a responsible manner consistent with its financial resources and the diverse needs of the people. We know we have an incredible responsibility in helping plan for our city’s future. Each year we strive to improve our reliability as well as develop procedures, training and technologies to reduce any type of accidents. We are dedicated to planning and building a transportation network that provides excellent choices and safely connects people to the places they need to go, now and in the future. Attached you’ll find the annual reports for the last five years that chronicle our efforts and successes.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Transaction Records

The Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority operates year in and year out almost constantly. The resources we employ to get our riders from destination to destination safely, and on time in the most cost-efficient ways is nothing short of daunting. We bid vendors and audit their invoices then have them justify costs whenever anything is in question. It is our duty to employ such scrutiny so that we keep the costs low for our riders. With such attention to the bottom line we have no problem opening our books to the public. In this section you will have access to financial reports, AP records and check registries for the last three years. We welcome your inspection and any questions you have based on what you find. We strive for complete transparency and honesty in all our dealings. Being accountable to the people of this area is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We know we must earn your trust every day.

Accounts Payable Check Registers

Yearly Check Registers

Open Contracts


Vehicle Fuel Furniture Computer Equipment Lubricants


Paving & Concrete Work Bus Shelter Construction General Construction


Uniforms Shelter Maintenance Printing Landscaping Waste Disposal A/C & Heating Repair

Prof. Serv.

Training Architectural Engineering General Consulting Accounting & Auditing

Procurement Policy

The Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA) is committed to providing a level playing field with regard to contracting and employment opportunities. We have steadfastly developed strict guidelines when it comes to how we do business with vendors. CCRTA establishes goals, evaluates bids and specifications to identify potential barriers to participation by Small Business Enterprises (SBEs), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), and Local Business Enterprises (LBEs), and monitors contracts to ensure that contractors meet their commitments to utilizing listed firms. By putting these guidelines in place and monitoring them we believe that all parties receive fair treatment and consideration, while making it competitive enough allowing us to maintain fiscal responsibility.

Current Policy

Pension Information

The employees at the Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority are a close knit group that come to work each day living up to our high standards. The tenure of our employees obviously runs the gambit from newly hired to employees that have been with us for decades. We do whatever we can to hold onto these incredible employees, they are our best assets. Rewarding them for their passion and dedication is something we take pride in. In establishing a Pension program, we did so with the desire of financially compensating our tenured employees to the level that they so rightly deserve. Enclosed you will find our investment methodology and policies, we have also included a Summary of EDBP Eligibility and Pension Management Statements. In this way CCRTA shows the public as well as those in our organization how we value our employees for years to come.

Debt Information

To uphold the high-standards we have promised our riders The Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority must plan years in advance to ensure our technology will keep pace, that our busses will be fuel efficient and that our infrastructure will remain convenient and safe as our community continues to grow. To make sure CCRTA has sufficient funds to meet all of our obligations, financial policies have been established to provide the framework to operate responsibly and measure fiscal performance; the revenue recovery ratio being one of the measures used to analyze repayment capacity on a monthly basis. In this section you will discover all areas of debt incurred by the CCRTA, our obligations, the financing structures that have been put in place to make sure the debt is paid off in time and responsibly. We invite you to review the contents of this area and like all other sections dealing with financial obligations we are here to answer any questions you have.

Debt Management

The Board of Directors, by resolution, may authorize the issuance of bonds payable solely from revenue. Bonds, any portion of which is payable from taxes, may not be issued until authorized by a majority of the votes received in an election ordered and held for that purpose.

There are no future plans to issue more debt in the future.

Link to Debt Management Policy Statement

Debt Obligations. Financing Structure and Purpose

On November 20, 2013, the Authority adopted a resolution to issue for the first time in its history, revenue bonds totaling $22,025,000 in two separate bond series to finance the construction of the new Staples Street Bus Transfer Station and the new Staples Street Center. Both issues were capital related debt. One of the bond series consisted of a tax-exempt bond issue for $11,525,000 with the other a taxable bond issue for $10,500,000; the proceeds from the sale to be used as follows:

Series 2013 (AMT) Tax-Exempt Revenue Bonds – $11,525,000

  1. Renovation of the existing Staples Street bus transfer station.
  2. Construct and equip a portion of a new multi-use building adjacent to the Staples Street bus transfer station, and.
  3. Construct a new parking lot to serve the Staples Street bus transfer station and the multi-use building, and;
  4. Pay the costs of issuing the Tax-Exempt Bonds.

Series 2013 Taxable Revenue Bonds – $10,500,000

  1. Construct and equip a portion of a new multi-use building adjacent to the Staples Street bus transfer station and.
  2. Pay the costs of issuing the Taxable Bonds.

The multi-uses of the facilities being constructed called for a financing structure that would include both taxable and tax-exempt revenue bonds.

Link to Board Document

Rating Agency Reports

Enhanced/Unenhanced Rating: S&P: “AA-“/”A”
Unenhanced ratings reflect the underlying creditworthiness of financial instruments absent any credit enhancement that may be provided through bond insurance, financial guarantees, dedicated letters of credit, liquidity facilities, or intercept mechanisms.

Continuing Disclosures

CCRTA will provide certain updated financial information and operating data to EMMA (Electronic Municipal Market Access) annually. EMMA is a service of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board which is the official repository for information on virtually all municipal bonds providing free access to official disclosures and other data about the municipal securities market.


Debt Payment

The 25-year bonds are first lien revenue bonds, and will be repaid, semi-annually from the pledged operating revenues of the Authority. Pledged revenues, as defined by the bond resolution, include the net operating revenues, plus any additional revenues, income, receipts, or other revenues which are pledged by the issuer. The interest rates adjust periodically during the life of the bonds.

Revenue Recovery Ratio/Debt Capacity

CCRTA began repaying the debt in 2014. In that year the audited pledged revenues exceeded the total debt payment by $571,117 which provided a 1.36 coverage ratio. The coverage ratio measures the cash available from operating revenues to the current debt obligation of interest and principal payments. A ratio greater than 1 means there is sufficient funds to cover annual debt payments.

To ensure CCRTA has sufficient funds to meet obligations, financial policies have been established to provide the framework to operate responsibly and measure fiscal performance; the revenue recovery ratio being one of the measures used to analyze repayment capacity on a monthly basis.
















































































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Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Agency (CCRTA) Procurement Department is tasked with working with all of CCRTA departments to purchase goods and services that support our goals, vision and value.
Our duty is to instill integrity into all aspects of the procurement process and make them as fair, accountable and efficient as possible.
In the Fiscal Year 2017, CCRTA spent a total of 3,998,058.30 on procurement and contracting activities. That signifies $11.06 per capita (per resident) based on the Nueces County Texas Government’s 2016 population estimate of 361,350. In the FY 17, the CCRTA publicly posted 12 competitive bidding and contracting opportunities, of that 8 were awarded, which represents a total of $3,045,467.80 in awarded contracts.
Total dollar amount of bids received from invitations for bids or request for proposals: $15,223,510.41.


Transparency in public procurement at CCRTA means that information on the public procurement process is available to everyone: contractors, suppliers, service providers and the public at large unless there are valid and legal reasons to keep certain information confidential.

When a public procurement requirement is published or made available to the market by any means (electronically, press, internet portal, etc.), the announcement will contain sufficient details for interested contractors, suppliers and service providers to compete for the job.

Please follow the instructions contained in the procurement request documents.

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