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Route 5 Alameda NAS AM & PM trips

August 1, 2016

Effective immediately the two trips serving the Naval Air Station will now travel through the South Gate. The Texas A&M Corpus Christi bus stop on Ocean Drive and the NAS North Gate will no longer be accessed from these two trips each day.

·         Unit #913 in the AM and Unit #715 for the PM-Current Sign-up and prior/before August 22 Service changes.

·         Unit #648 in the AM and Unit #1015 for the PM-For next Sign-up and post/after August 22 Service changes.

Con efecto inmediato los dos viajes que sirven a la Estación Aérea Naval ahora viajarán a través de la puerta del sur. La parada de autobús de Texas A & M Corpus Christi en Ocean Drive y la Puerta Norte NAS se puede acceder ya no a partir de estos dos viajes cada día.