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Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority is proud to announce the most innovative addition to our fleet. Introducing SURGE, the most advanced autonomous vehicle in North America; the EasyMile EZ10 Generation III Shuttle.

SURGE’s pilot program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi will be the first true public transportation route for an autonomous shuttle to operate in mixed traffic and pedestrian environment.


Service Hours: Weekdays 7:30 am – 3:30 pm

Route Map + List of SURGE Stops

Service Hours: Weekdays 7:30am – 3:30pm

SURGE Bus Stop Stop Location
SURGE Stop #2/FLEX Bus Stop #901* Sam's Place/Sand Dollar Stop
SURGE Stop #3 Curlew Lane
SURGE Stop #4 Dining Hall
SURGE Stop #5 Faculty Center
SURGE Stop #6 Anchor Housing
SURGE Stop #7 Miramar Apartments
SURGE Stop #8 Dolphin Housing
*For anyone requiring additional ADA accessibility, CCRTA offers an equivalent on-campus vehicle on standby. Call (833) 782-3539 for more information.

Know Before You Go

Stand at a safe distance from the SURGE. Do not run towards the shuttle.

Allow doors to completely open or close when entering or exiting the SURGE.

No eating or drinking on board is allowed. All food and drink containers must remain closed.

Offensive language, obscene gestures, and/or disruptive behavior is not permitted.

SURGE may make sudden stops. Hold handrails and stay alert of potential stops.

Whether standing or seated keep your feet firmly on the ground at all times.

Setting your feet at a wider stance can help you maintain proper balance.

Carry-on items may not interfere with fellow passengers or block the exit.

Personal headphones are required when listening to audio devices.

Weapons, hazardous materials and illegal substances are not permitted onboard the shuttle.

Smoking, vaping, or drug/tobacco use is prohibited while on the bus.


  • When does SURGE run?

    SURGE will run from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm each weekday.

  • How much does it cost to ride the SURGE?

    There is no cost to ride the SURGE.

  • How do I locate the SURGE?

    SURGE is unique and easy to spot. The shuttle can be identified by its unique lane markings and safety signage, as well as its audible signals and warnings. You can also track the SURGE using the TransLoc app.

  • Will the SURGE provide “dorm-to-classroom” service?

    Many of the eight (8) bus stops along the SURGE’s route serve student residence halls.

  • Who can ride the SURGE?

    Anyone can ride the SURGE. Young children may require the accompaniment of a guardian. All visitors must follow the campus rules and code of conduct at all times.

  • Will there be an attendant on board?

    A customer ambassador will always be on board the shuttle to maintain customer safety.

  • How safe is the SURGE?

    Safety is a top priority! SURGE has sensors surrounding the shuttle, continuously scanning the environment and signaling the vehicle to stop when an obstacle moves too close. SURGE is continuously monitored by the customer ambassador, who can manually stop the vehicle.

  • Will SURGE be accessible to persons with disabilities?

    Absolutely! SURGE has a built-in access ramp to assist individuals in wheelchairs, mobility devices, or assisted by service animals. SURGE contains limited wheelchair securements.

    For anyone requiring additional ADA accessibility, CCRTA offers a complimentary equivalent on-campus vehicle on standby that will take you to any of our SURGE stops.

    Call (833) 782-3539 for more information.


  • What if the SURGE is full?

    The SURGE is an exciting, new service and may experience times when it is at capacity and can not accept new riders.

    We welcome you to try the SURGE at a later time. When in service, the SURGE is estimated to visit each stop every 30 minutes.

  • Why isn't the SURGE faster?

    As mentioned above, safety is a top priority. We do not recommend riding the SURGE when in a rush. Relax and enjoy the experience.

  • How do I offer feedback? Inquire more information?

    For more information or to offer feedback on all CCRTA transportation services, including SURGE, please call 361-883-2287 or visit

    For all media inquiries, please contact Rita Patrick, Director of Marketing, 361-903-3582, or

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