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As Corpus Christi continues to grow, so will its transportation needs. To keep up with demand and provide the best value to our citizens, we have to rethink how we move throughout our city. We’re reshaping the rider experience by enhancing service, updating routes, and expanding our technology. We’re creating the transportation system that will take us into the next decade.

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In 2016, Transit Plan 2020 included suggestions from transportation experts and input from our riders on the future transit system. We also studied transportation patterns and changes around the nation anddetermined additional ways we can improve our system from a logistical and user standpoint. Today we’re putting that plan into motion. Over the next few years, you’ll see dramatic improvements to service that isbased on rider input and requests. With so many changes, there will inevitably be a few bumps along the way, but we hope to make the ride as smooth as possible, and we hope you see the benefits in the end.

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  • Expanded Sundays
  • Bus Stop Transitions
  • Route Improvements
  • Flex, Express Vanpool

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