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The CCRTA purchases and contracts for various services. Typical items purchased include “off-the-shelf” Commodities and Equipment, many of which are under annual service or supply contracts. Below are some examples.

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Vehicle Fuel Furniture Computer Equipment Lubricants

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Paving & Concrete Work Bus Shelter Construction General Construction

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Uniforms Shelter Maintenance Printing Landscaping Waste Disposal A/C & Heating Repair

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Training Architectural Engineering General Consulting Accounting & Auditing


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Vendor Billing Criteria

DBE Payment Report Form

2021 Vendor ACH Enrollment Form





Conflict of Interest Questionnaire-Form CI-Q

Vendors who contract or seek to contract with a local governmental entity must file Form CI-Q with the records administrator of the CCRTA.

Vendors must disclose any affiliations they may have or business relationships that might cause a conflict of interest with the CCRTA.


Conflicts Disclosure Statement-Form CIS

Board Members and the General Manager must file Form CIS with the CCRTA’s records administrator if the CCRTA has contracted with the vendor or is considering doing business with the vendor.

CIS form must also be completed if the government officer or a family member either: 1) has an employment or other business relationship with the vendor and receives taxable income, or 2) has been given by a vendor one or more gifts that have an aggregate value of more than $250 in a 12-month period (excluding gifts of food, lodging, transportation or entertainment accepted as a guest).

*The CCRTA may extend these disclosure requirements to other employees in addition to the General Manager at its option.



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