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Rural Transportation

CCRTA offers reliable, convenient transportation options for those needing a ride from the rural communities outside of Corpus Christi to a CCRTA Transfer Station or the local DPS office.

  • Schedule A Trip

    Call Rural Economic Assistance League (REAL, Inc.) at 361-668-3158 to schedule a trip from:

      • Agua Dulce
      • Banquete
      • City of San Patricio


    Call Kleberg Human Services (Paisano) at 361-595-8574 to schedule a trip from:

    • Bishop
    • Driscoll
    • Nueces County (Unincorporated Areas)
  • Trip Information

    Fare to rural areas is $1.25 per trip (one-way).

    All trips must be booked at least 24-hours in advance before 12:00pm (REAL) or 4:00pm (Kleberg Human Services/Paisano).


    Example: Irma wants to travel from Banquete on Monday for a doctor’s appointment. Irma has to call REAL before 12:00pm on Friday to schedule their trip.


  • Accessibility

    All rural service provided is wheelchair accessible.


    Trips to rural communities are origin to destination (Transfer Station or DPS Office) and must be scheduled with the rural transit provider.


    If you are in need of reoccurring trips for medical/health purposes (ex: dialysis treatments) then it is strongly recommended that you apply for CCRTA’s B-Line Paratransit service (click “Paratransit” tab).