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Our fare & pass prices.

Daily, 7-Day, and 31-Day passes are available at most H-E-B locations.  

Click here to the list of HEB locations.


  • $ 0.75

    Adult Single Fare

    2 hour time limit transfer included with single fare.

  • $ 0.25

    Reduced Fare*

    2 hour time limit transfer included with single fare.

  • $ 0.10

    Reduced Fare* Off-Peak

    2 hour time limit transfer included with single fare.

School Students

All school students (Pre-K through 12th grade) may ride any of our fixed-route buses fare-free by showing their student ID to a Bus Operator.

TAMUCC & Del Mar Students and Faculty

Members of the TAMUCC and Del Mar faculty, staff, and students may ride any of our fixed-route buses for no charge. Show your SandDollar or Del Mar ID (current semester sticker is required) to the bus operator.


  • $ 1.75

    Day Pass

  • $ 7.50

    7-Day Pass

  • $ 30.00

    31-Day Pass

  • $ 11.00

    Reduced Fare* 31-Day Pass

  • $ 12.50

    Commuter 11-Trip Pass

  • $ 50.00

    31-Day B-Line Pass

Other Services

  • $ 1.25

    Premium Fare

    Park and Ride/Express/Rural Services**

  • $ 0.25

    Reduced Fare*

    Park and Ride/Express/Rural Services**

  • $ 0.25

    #94 Port Aransas Shuttle

    Park and Ride/Express/Rural Services**

  • $ 1.25

    B-Line Fare

    Within ¾ ADA Zone

  • $ 3.25

    B-Line Fare & Surcharge

    Outside of ¾ Mile ADA zone

Click here to purchase your pass.

*Reduced Fare

Senior Citizens (over the age of 60), Medicare Card holders, Technical/Vocational College Students, and Individuals with Disabilities qualify for the reduced fare with a valid ID. Valid IDs include a state-issued ID/Driver’s License, Medicare Card, and CCRTA issued B-ID.

To purchase a Reduced Fare pass, please call our Customer Service Center (open 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Saturday) at 361-883-2287.

To apply for the Reduced Fare B-ID Card, download the application here or descarga la aplicación aquí en español. Please call CCRTA Customer Service Center, 361-883-2287 for more information.

The B-ID allows you to purchase a 31-Day Reduced Fare Pass. The 31-Day Reduced Fare Pass can only be purchased through our Customer Service Center at 602 N. Staples St. 78401.

Proper ID must be ready to present to the bus operator when boarding the bus to receive the reduced fare. If the full fare is not ready when the bus arrives, the rider will be asked to leave the bus.

To apply for the Reduced Fare B-ID Card or Student ID, please call CCRTA Customer Service, (Monday – Saturday, 8:00am – 5:00pm) at 361-883-2287.

*Reduced Fare Off-Peak: Valid weekdays only: before 6:00 am, between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, and after 6:00 pm.

School Students

All students (public, private, charter, homeschool) can ride fare-free on fixed-routes with a valid Student ID.

College/University Students, Faculty, & Staff

All students and faculty at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Del Mar College (with a current semester sticker) ride at no charge with their valid school ID.

Rider Terms & Conditions: Please review CCRTA’s Rider Terms & Conditions here.