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Where would you like to go?

How to Ride the Bus

Riding the bus is simple!

Use our 5 Step Guide below to get you where you need to “B!”

  • Plan Your Trip

    DID YOU KNOW? We accept cash, bus passes, or transfers to board the bus. Credit and debit cards are not currently accepted on the bus.

    5 Ways to plan your trip:

    Online Trip Planner
    GoPass Mobile App
    CCRTA Customer Service or Automated Bus Schedule Line
    Route Brochures
    Google Maps


  • Buy Your Fare or Pass

    CCRTA offers several options for paying your fare.

     On the Bus (fare rates click here)
    GoPass Mobile App
     CCRTA Customer Service Center
    Area H-E-B stores – click here to view

    We currently accept cash, digital passes (GoPass), bus passes, or transfers. Credit and debit cards are not currently accepted on the bus. To view our fares and passes, click here.


  • At the Bus Stop

    Arrive early & verify bus stop number
    Have pass ready
    Verify route number and location on bus

    DID YOU KNOW? You can track the bus with our Online Bus Tracker or GoPass Mobile App.

  • Boarding & Riding

    Wait for bus to stop before boarding and watch your step
    Insert your boarding pass/cash into the fare box
    Find a seat and enjoy the ride

  • Exiting & Destination

    To request a stop, pull the “stop request cord” or button at least a block before your destination
    Gather all of your personal items & wait for the bus to come to a complete stop
    Watch your step while exiting the bus

    If you have any questions about how to transfer, feel free to contact CCRTA Customer Service at 361-883-2287.

    Congratulations – you’ve made it to your destination!

Getting Started

Learn more about our rules, the benefits of transportation, and much more with our Getting Started page.

Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

Para la información en español por favor contacta el Centro del Servicio al cliente de CCRTA en 361-883-2287.

For assistance with other foreign languages, please contact CCRTA’s Customer Service Center at 361-883-2287.